How To Make Solar Panels From Scratch

by jamendrew on March 11, 2013

Shocking Report Reveals: The secrets of how to make solar panels. Discover how you stop wasting energy and start save money on your electricity bills. Learn how to build solar power system in just a few days starting today!

It is true! There are ways to generate power right from home. I’m talking about making your own power and not cost at $5000 price tag either. Utility companies DO charge ridiculous rates for power. I will show you ways to slash your power bill, and give you the power to decide how far you want to go.

Many of my friends ask me how I used to install a home solar system and cut my electric bill nearly in half. I decided to put this website totally dedicated to how to generating your own clean electricity, Start a Green Lifestyle & Help the Planet!

Right, where do I start?

How to Make Solar Panels for Home I want to Go Green and Save Money, whilst at the same time save myself a fortune by not being held to ransom by the energy companies.

I knew we could buy ready-made solar power kit and pay for them to get installed, but did not have a clue how much it would cost. So I went to various house building shows and soon found out that the costs were excessive. Prices started at over $1,000 for each panel PLUS extras & fitting, and I may need up to 20 x 200 Watt Solar panel – these costs were far too much.

Without giving up, I then searched the net for cheaper alternatives and found that, with a little DIY experience, I could build it panel myself. How would I get started and what tools and equipment would I need?

Finally! After lots of searching, I have been able to find the best guide that offers a true step-by-step instructional manual, with GOOD illustrations and videos, to construct a sound wind generator and solar panel.

How to Build Your Own Super Efficient Solar Panels?

That was browsing the internet when I stumbled on this – Green DIY Energy, Which looked exceedingly straightforward and promised that, I could make my own solar panel for less than $200. The product reviews were excellent and what makes this guide stand out are the customer care, the comprehensive video series and extensive manuals.

When I got this DIY guide, I’m put off by all the information contained within them. There’s mention of amps and what looks like tech detail, which that to make me think twice. When you sit down and go through it all, it is extremely straightforward to follow. (The tech detail is there if you want it, together with charts showing the best places to maximize the sunlight)

In addition to the manual for DIY solar power system, you also get a complete guide on DIY wind turbine – another thing that on my wanted list for green energy!

In summary, the guide and videos are excellent, and I cannot rate them highly enough. If you follow them closely, you will learn:

  • How to build a Solar Panel that works
  • Save a fortune on buying ready-made PV panel
  • Once you do one, you can establish more and save 60% off your energy bills
  • Once paid for the energy was then FREE and unlimited

What do you do when the sun goes down? Easy uses your wind turbine as a backup.

Simple Steps on Build PV (Solar) Panels:

  • Purchase solar cells. Take note of its output power, and the power you need. So you can decide how much you will buy.
  • Gather materials. These are the following: Saw, plywood, Paint Brush Soldering iron gun, Rosin flux pen, Screwdriver, Wire cutters, Voltmeter, Plexiglas cutters Drill, Caulking gun, Plywood sheeting, Plexiglas, Solder, Silicon caulk, UV-ray protective varnish.
  • Cut the plywood into a shape you desired for the PV panel.
  • Apply UV-ray protective varnish using a paint brush and wait until it is dry. Apply flux on the bus strips of the solar cells using the Rosin flux pen.
  • Solder your tab ribbons on your solar cells.
  • Connect your photovoltaic cells to each other.
  • Using small amounts of silicon, apply the connected cells on the panel. Drill two small holes in the plywood.
  • Insert the two unattached wires into the drilled holes.
  • Create a frame for the panel. Etc.

Above just a brief guide on how to make your own solar panel, but if you want real guides that show you step-by-step instructions, please check the below!

After some reading and prepare, I followed DIY guide start to building my first DIY solar panel, using some my own materials and tools. The panel I made are working perfectly well, now I can use solar power system generate clean power to reduce home electricity bill.

Is not it time you got Started now, let’s get started. Building Your Own Solar Electric System!

Below is a picture of the completed solar panel: Build My 75 Watt PV Panel

That’s amazing. Isn’t it? Don’t worry, even if you have no experience, you will definitely be able to create this best and even have some fun on the way.

Are you looking for a reliable guide to build your own solar panels at minimal costs? If so, you need to check out this Step-By-Step DIY guide learn the easy way to making DIY solar panel, which makes the task a breeze.

Green DIY Energy – TOP Choice!

Now you are ready to have a go at building your first solar panel. Great! All you need are finding good DIY instructions that fully explain every step of the process.

Through my research, I have found that Green DIY Energy is the top choice and the most helpful. It has included the most comprehensive guide for building a residential solar system available in the market today.

It is easy to read and understand, can be done pretty well and fast. With two hours of video, detailed blueprints, diagrams and electrical wiring plans – the training guides has been the best in renewable energy solutions. If you want to learn how to build solar panels, consider the following!

Click Here to Learn How to Make Solar Panels at Home.

Wish You Success!


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